Posted by: dutchimport | September 4, 2007

What more can we do?

Sierra made her way through the blinds, through the screen, and out of the window yesterday. We were only gone for 3 hours or so, when I got a phone call from a stranger who found her on the street. Neighbors brought her to the animal clinic, and we got there 15 minutes later. She was placed in an oxigen cage to get her temperature down, and to calm her down. Once again, like the first time she jumped 2 1/2 stories down to the concrete, she has no broken bones and even less cuts and wounds as last time.

I feel horrible, depressed, sad and all of that cause we think we’re running out of options to keep Sierra save with us. Returning her to the Foundation where I got here seemed the only possibility and the best thing for her, but the thought of her in a cage waiting to be adopted again makes me sick to my stomach.

One more thing we’re going to try: barricade the window with some plywood screens to completely block of the windows. It will look like we’re preparing for Hurricane Felix to go through. Her doses of medication is going to be doubles, and after that, if she still continues to hurt herself, it’s the end of the road…



  1. Have you considered keeping her in a crate during the day when you’re gone? It sounds like maybe Sierra has separation anxiety when you’re gone and although crating sounds kind of cruel, it can actual provide a safe, comforting environment for a dog when they’re alone. It’s probably an obnoxious sight in your living room, though.

    I hate the thought of you having to return her to a humane society. She seems like she’s a well behaved dog in all other respects, yes? Don’t give up on her.

  2. Have you considered keeping her in a crate during the day while you’re at work? It sounds like Sierra might have separation anxiety or something. Crating sounds kind of awful but dogs find it to be a safe, comforting setup. I would hate for you to have to get rid of her–she’s a good dog in all other respects, yes? Don’t give up on her.

  3. Oh you guys, I’m so sorry this has happened again. Have you seen this website? There are others out there with dogs suffering from severe separation anxiety. I’m sure you’ve tried all these techniques, but perhaps reading one of the books that is suggested might give you some insight? Confident that upping her dosage will help, but maybe try some of these other things too? Don’t give her back just yet! You WILL find a balance.

  4. Oh no… I can only imagine how distressing this must be. I hope Sierra gets better soon.

  5. I have to second the crating suggestion—my dog Puck seems to prefer it over roaming free when I’m not home. Of course, at 70 lbs he requires a pretty big crate—which is the only drawback. Glad to hear that Sierra suffered no major injuries.

  6. I appreciate the comments, but we have tried everything. After her last jump, we bought her two cages where she tried to bite her way through the steel, losing some of her teeth. Blocking the windows completely when we’re gone seems to be our last option…

  7. Okay, I have one more thought on this. I think you should call “The Dog Whisperer.” Hey, why not. You’re in California. Clearly this is a pretty extreme case that presents quite a formidable challenge.

  8. Wait, sorry. This is the submissions link:

  9. I know it’s hard. What about a metal grate (like they have for security purposes?)
    Instead of boarding up the windows? You’d only have to do it to one window in the bedroom…

    Or what about those sonic alarms that people usually use to keep pets off sofas. It goes off whenever they touch the pad with a high-pitched sound that eventually trains them that the object is something to stay away from…

    … perhaps there’s a bright side to this: She seems to be getting much better at it
    and pretty soon it’ll be just like jumping off the bed! You can do a show and charge $5 a pop!

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