Posted by: dutchimport | September 10, 2007

In Memory of your Grandmother…this is for you Fishering

We don’t have to say goodbye
I might be gone, but I will never die
As long as you will live, I’ll live on in you

I just want you to move on
And please do so starting next dawn
But if you’re lonely and frightened
I will be right here

I’ll come with the rain and the wind
Follow where you go as the rain and as the light of the moon
Look for me in everything and you will find me
Whisper my name, and I will be there

Just see what’s invisible
What you believe is true
Just open your eyes
And then I will be there with you
All that you have to do
Is think of me, and I will smile at you

Look at the sky, stare at the ocean
Where you go, I’ll shine on you as strong as the sun
Every little step, and every moment
No matter what distant

Whatever you do, wherever you go,
Whenever you need me
Just whisper my name
And I’m on my way

(C) 2007 Dutchimport




  1. Very touching. Peter is certainly in my thoughts.

  2. lieve peter,
    gecondoleerd. jij ook jeroen. dikke kus voor jullie

  3. Peter,
    best wishes and strength for you and your family!

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