Posted by: dutchimport | September 12, 2007

Graduation Day!

Since May 2006 I haven’t been able to work out the way I used to due to my ACL and Meniscus injury. I had surgery in December, and today…after 8 months of recovery…I’M DECLARED READY TO PICK UP MY ACTIVITIES BEFORE THE INJURY!!!!!!!!!! I graduated from recovery, and can’t wait to get back on the tennis court! Not starting today, cause after seeing my surgeon in the morning, I had to get my leg checked out by Ortho Engineers, and my knee brace won’t be ready for 10 days or so, which sucks, but I’m gonna call that place every day to see if it’s ready until I drive them crazy, and they’ll put a rush on my brace!

I’m so HAPPY!!! And so are Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal!


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