Posted by: dutchimport | September 17, 2007

Monday Morning

I barely survived the weekend, literally… Made a fool out of myself on Saturday by bowling like a four year old. Spend Sunday afternoon strolling around IKEA helping a friend figure out what furniture to pick out for is new studio on Mulholland Drive. I think it’s really cool I have a friend now who lives on Mulholland Drive. After about 2 hours at IKEA I wanted to get the hell out of there!
Tried to watch the Emmy’s, and I actually did have it on the entire night, but was reading The New York Times most of the time. It was a horrible award show. Ryan Seacrest feel flat with his jokes and was painfull to watch. I have never seen Boston Legal, but is James Spader really that good to keep on winning? I was really dissapointed that Michael C. Hall was not nominated for Dexter. After a slow start, I really got into that show. I loved the story lines, and even though some was very predictable, it was well executed, and I think Micheal does a really good job playing Dexter. I even started to like some of the other characters and didn’t mind their acting that much. Except for two who I still think are horrible actors.
Today I hopefully can pick up my knee brace, adn have tennis scheduled with Rye tomorrow night! I can’t wait!



  1. als boston legal op een gegeven moment over is gegaan in the practise….oftewel het personage van james spader. dan…..ja! geweldig. ik keek al een tijd niet meer naar the practise, maar toen hij erin kwam, nam ik het zelfs op………

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