Posted by: dutchimport | September 25, 2007


I had to get out of my funk, so on Friday I treated myself to a massage and some spa time. It was my Friday off, so I slept in, and then thought it was time to shred it all…my hair! I was so tired of it, and wanted to cut it for so long, and it was a fitting ending of a week of struggling with a deep episode. So yeah, I totally pulled a Britney! I had to start with the biggest size of the trimmer, because my hair was so long. Slowly worked down, till I skipped a size, and pretty much shaved all of my hair on one side. To fix it, I had to do the same on the other side and make it shorter on top. So it came out a little too short, but I still loved the process! It is a kinda liberating fantastic moment after a though time, to just shave of your hair. I wouldn’t recommend it for women though…
After that I felt ready for the spa, and after that I went back to therapy for the first time in 5 months. It was pretty intense, and after a couple of days (meaning now) I’m kinda surprised that after all I told him about the state I was in the previous weekend that at the end he said, “okay, I’ll see you in 2 weeks” which ended up being 2 1/2 weeks due to scheduling issues. I think it would have been more appropriate for him to ask me if I wanted to have a weekly schedule again, but two weeks? I’m fine now, and he did tell me to call him at any time if necessary, so I guess I should think too much off it.
Helped Groeg move into his new home the rest of the weekend. He’s back! I can now really say I’m from LA, cause I have a friend who lives on Mulholland Drive! Still gives me a kick when I drive over there to see him! I also did a shitload of laundry and cleaned our place like never before (no, really, I don’t think I ever cleaned our place before)! Cause on Sunday afternoon Fishering came home! After two and a half weeks I have him back at home! I’m so happy!
Sia’s “Breathe me” is playing on Launch Radio: LOVE that song!
I might post a picture later on today of my new buzz cut.



  1. I have wanted to cut my hair short too. Not really a Britney, but much shorter than I normally wear it.

  2. Yay thereapy! —and yay on Fishering’s return!

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