Posted by: dutchimport | September 26, 2007

New TV Season

It’s a busy couple of weeks, trying to see at least the Pilot of every new show on TV. I’m not that excited about any of the new shows, and some I won’t even watch, cause…well…there only so many hours I can spend on the couch watching TV.

Here is my opinion:
New shows :
– “Journeyman”: I liked the pilot. It grabbed my attention, and got into it. My concern is that it will be too of a “message” show that takes itself too serious. Will watch another episode
– “Chuck”: Funny, with some serious moment in it. Very serious subject, but show doesn’t take itself serious, so it can get away with it’s unbelievable story lines. Maybe a little bit too unbelievable for me, and not sure if I will watch another episode
– “Reaper”: I noticed myself laughing a couple of times. But I’m not hooked. The main characters side kick “Morgan” is too annoying to be funny. And the Devil…is scary, have to admit, but that’s because everytime I see that actor, I still think of Leland Palmer from Twin Peaks

Returning shows:
– “Weeds”: Watched season 1 & 2 on DVD just in time to watch season 3. Season 3 is a little dissapointing so far…a little to dark for my liking, but I will still watch the entire season
– “Dexter”: Can’t wait for this show to return on Sunday!
– “Brothers & Sisters: I liked the 1st season, but more the beginning episodes. I think I will drop this show to make place for “Dexter”. Will watch the season premiere.
– “Grey’s Anatomy”: Joined this show late, half way through the second season I think, and got hooked. The show lost me when Meredith drowned and was dead for like hours but then came back to life. After the season premiere I will stop watching this show
– “Prison Break”: Only saw a couple of episodes over the last 2 seasons, but decided to watch the season 3 premiere. Nah, won’t watch this show ever again
– “Heroes”: I’m sorry, but I don’t like this show anymore. When the “Save the Chearleader, Save the World” story line was done, they lost me. Don’t care about thsi show at all, but wait…make sure you watch episode 14, cause this one is written by one of my best friends!

Still to watch:
– “Moonlight”: I think I could like this. Will watch the pilot.
– “New Amsterdam”: Hmmm, what’s the difference between this show and “Moonlight”??? But will watch the pilot. Looks better then the above mentioned show.
– “Pushing Daisies”: Haven’t seen anything about it, but there’s a lot of buzz, so I’ll watch the pilot
– “Dirty Sexy Money”: was not that interested, but read a good review, so I’ll watch the pilot

Not interested in, and won’t even watch the pilot:
– “Bionic Woman”
– “Life”
– “Private Practise”: Oh common! That “cross over” episode during last “Grey’s Anatomy” season was horrible, really, really horrible! No way I’m watching this
– “Cane”: no thank you

I don’t wanna get hooked on a show, cause I did over the last 2 years, and the shows I liked dissapeared, sometimes without any notice:
– “The Nine”
– “Kitchen Confidential”
– “Vanished” (although acting by two main actors was horrible, I got sucked in)
– “Traveler”
– “Studio 60 on Sunset Strip”

It’s the beginning of the season, so…to be continued…



  1. I had the same experience with “Invasion”—I got hooked and then it vanished. Now I am wary of watching new shows until they look like they will be sticking around. I’m hoping the buzz around Pushing Daisies pans out.

  2. The only new show I plan on watching is “Life” because I really like Damian Lewis. Alot. I watched the pilot last night but unfortunately, was was kind of drunk after returning from the Mariners game so I fell asleep in the middle. (Had nothing to do with the show.) So I’ll be looking for a download of that.

    For network shows, I pretty much only watch “House” (of course) and occasionally, “Bones.” (Which is now on right before “House” so that’s convenient) and “The Office.” I do keep up with “Grey’s Anatomy” but that show started sucking hard last season and with the departure of 2 of my favorite characters, I’ve got little incentive to tune in. I think they killed two franchises simultaneously with that spin-off which was awful in its inception.

    I’m still downloading “Dexter” and “Californication.” I like “Weeds” but not enough to keep up with it. I generally wait until it’s available on DVD to watch.

  3. I love the concept of “Pushing Daisies.” And I am hoping Grey’s Anatomy will bring it back this season–or else I’m done with it too. Why do shows do that!? Sex and the City was great until the end… why can’t every show be like Sex and the City?!

  4. Hmm, Kat, maybe I should give “Life” a chance. That Guy, come to think of it, I’m really not that excited about “Pushing Daisies”. I already have so much to keep up with (Weeds, Dexter, Survivor…hey, give me a break…and more informative shows, like 60 Mintues, Charlie Rose…
    Byron, I’m glad we’re on the same page with “Greys…”, but I actually never watched “Sex and the City”…

  5. I have yet to watch Life, but I want to, when’s it on? I loves me some Damian Lewis (Band of Brothers is on all day today, now I’ll really get nothing done). What’s the other show with the other Brit honey, the one from Rome, the time traveling one? Is it any good? The Office premiere was SUPER. Moonlight is the vampire one right? Sorry, but there’s nothing that can replace Buffy in that dept. The season premiere of Dexter was super, I saw it online, but the rest of the season may be too stressful to watch, you’ll see what I’m talking about on Sunday. Still loving Mad Men and Californication.

  6. Kelly, “Life” is on Wednesday nights @ 10pm on NBC. I finally saw the full pilot and liked it quite a bit. The show has possibilities and the main character is sufficiently unique.

  7. Thanks Kat! I’ll set the ol’ Tivo. I caught moonlight and voyager this weekend, wasn’t overly impressed by either 😦

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