Posted by: dutchimport | October 1, 2007


A quick early Monday morning post, cause I need to get a lot of stuff done this morning. I have to leave during my lunch break for an audition close by in Santa Monica. Listen to this: it’s for a Playboy TV Promo! Hilarious! I’m going in for the part on “DMV Hero”, wardrobe casual, but not sloppy”. Hmmm, I write about the after the audition.

We saw two movies this weekend. Both were absolutely excellent, and I highly recommend them. Saturday evening we saw “Into the Wild”. Great, beautiful movie. Great film making by Sean Penn, awesome acting, and yes, Emile Hirsch deserves all the credit he’s getting. What a joy to watch him on the big screen! Hal Holbrook deserves many awards for his part!

“3:10 to Yuma” is of course a completely different movie, but also excellent! Great chemistry between Russell Crowe and Christian Bale! Great acting by everyone in this movie! Ben Foster plays one of the best villain on screen!

Maybe more later today.



  1. Hrm, yummy christian bale and russell crowe chemistry? I’m up for that. Perhaps they should’ve called it 3:10 to You-Ma Bitch.

  2. Like “DMV” DMV? Like with cars?

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