Posted by: dutchimport | October 3, 2007

Political Circus

I’m so amazed by the political showcase put up every 4 years! Dollar numbers are revealed again, showing everyone how much money the Democratic Presidential hopefuls have raised this quarter. Hilary still leading, I think 80 million now, with Barack right behind her. Then there’s a big gap behind them, I think John Edwards is third. The amazing thing is that not only is this also the top 3 in the polls, but how much money they raise is pretty much the decider on who will get the nomination. Without money, you can’t really run for President, just look at McCain, but then again, who wants to see John McCain as President?
I know, I shouldn’t compare, cause I’ve been here now for 7 years, so I know how it works, and that this is the way the American system works. A real Democracy, right? Oops, did I say that out loud?
In The Netherlands there is no such thing as campaigning like crazy for over a year, and raising millions of Euros to secure a Prime Minister position. But we also have a different system, cause of the Monarchy. When I lived in Peru, I lived there under Alberto Fujimori, and after that Alejandro Toledo, a former shoe shiner. Now both of these Presidents had there flaws, and lots of corruption, which luckily we don’t have here with our current President…right???…hmmm. But while being in Peru, I never noticed a circus like the ones in the States, and certainly not so much talk about millions of dollars raised.
And then all those debates! There big shows, and nobody really says anything or has a strong opinion about things, cause to afraid to loose votes…and money donators.
But let’s just conclude with this: hopefully Hilary will keep the lead and raises the most dollars so she gets the nomination.


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