Posted by: dutchimport | October 4, 2007

The Golden Age

Last night we were invited to see a screening of “Elizabeth: The Golden Age”. Luckily it was free, or otherwise I would have been upset about having spent money on this movie! There is so much wrong with this movie, I don’t even know where to begin. My biggest worry was while watching it, that it was me, that I was tired or just not into the mood for a movie, but luckily everyone (we went with two people from work, Guy and Liz) felt the same way.
The movie is boring, cliché, kitsch, over the top, score way to loud, badly directed, Clive Owen miscast, special effects out of the early 90s and on and on… He used a lot of weird camera angles that made no sense, many shot from above like in this picture posted. So no ways of letting the actors do the work.
The director made a choice to focus on the palace, and the costumes instead of the actors. He went quickly from shot to shot, and there was no way the audience could get a connection with any of the characters. Cate is a wonderful actress, one of the best of this time, but she gets no chance to act. She was just a Barbie doll in every shot. And I really wanted to like this movie.
With the HBO mini series “Elizabeth I” with Helen Mirren still fresh in my mind, “Elizabeth: The Golden Age” was a weak, Lifetime or Oxygen movie of the week kind of film. The story is so well known by now, that it had the pace of reading a boring history book, over and over again. Not worth watching!
One good point: Samantha Morton as Mary, Queen of Scots was excellent, as she always is!



  1. ok, i had to stop myself from reading this – i LOVED the first elizabeth and i LOVE cate even more…. i’ll read your post after i see the movie 🙂

  2. It’s A-Ok with me if all they focused on were the costumes.

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