Posted by: dutchimport | October 15, 2007

Best movies of 2007…so far

Looking ahead of the award season. These are not movies I think will be nominated, but so far are my favorites:

1) The Bourne Ultimatum
2) Michael Clayton
3) Into the Wild
4) 3:10 to Yuma
5) The Lookout
6) Ratatouille
7) Knocked Up
8) Grindhouse

* Best movie seen this year is The Life of Others, but it’s a 2006 movie and already won an Oscar for best Foreign Movie.

Out on DVD or soon on DVD, and still to watch:
– Once
– Away from Her

Looking forward in seeing. Worth watching I hope:
– Lars and the Real Girl
– The Bucket List
– P.S. I Love You
– There Will be Blood
– No Country for Old Men



  1. I would have to include both Evening and Stardust in my list of 2007 films I enjoyed, but alas—doubt will get a nomination.

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