Posted by: dutchimport | October 23, 2007


I was actually able to bite my tongue today at the lunch table at work. A girl was telling us about a woman in her church in Texas delivered 6 babies, of which 2 died. The babies are not in good health, and one is pretty much a vegetable (her words). The woman already had like 3 kids, of which 2 are twins. The twins and the 6 babies were all eggs planted inside the woman, cause she couldn’t get pregnant on her own anymore, after her first child was born the natural way. The 6 came from 3 eggs planted, all 3 twins! The girl said that the woman and her husband discussed having something done not to have more kids after the twins, and I asked why not birth control, to which the girl said “We are Catholic”.
Okay…what the f#ck?! Birth control is out of the question, but in vitro fertilisation is not? How natural is in vitro fertilisation in God’s eyes? Isn’t the whole anti-birth control about having nature take its course, and life started if it’s God’s will? Not being able to have children, isn’t that God’s way of saying “No more for you”…according to Catholic religion? Maybe I’m missing a loop hole that the Catholics invented to find a way around this not so natural God’s wish thing.
I think it’s just hypocritical!



  1. Maybe it’s a good thing you didn’t mention stem-cell research.

  2. Why do I have the urge to break out into the refrain “…every sperm is sacred…”

    Oh wait, here it is:

    Sing along!

  3. you, my friend, are applying logic to something that is HIGHLY illogical—namely organized religion. Spare yourself the migrain—just nod and smile and say “No thanks” when the Kool-Aid comes your way.

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