Posted by: dutchimport | November 10, 2007

Hard work paying off

It’s been a busy two weeks at work. I finally get what my job is about, and seeing the beginning till the end of organizing an event. Yesterday, Friday, was a major event, the first event from this years visiting professor (here for a year). I organized the speakers travel, hotel, invitations and many more things. The entire day yesterday I saw the hard work paying off with a almost perfect organized event, and I’m very happy with my first major event having been put in charge by my boss. I got many great responses from the professor, the speakers, and the senior staff, so I feel I’ve passed my first major test!
Now I’m just relaxing, and recovering from the 12 hour day on my feet yesterday. My birthday last week left me with a table full of birthday carts, bottles of wine, a book, and looks just good to see the friends who care about me. I’m enjoying the iTunes gift cards I got, and soon I will be going to Trader Joe’s to use that gift card I got. And then there are the H&M gift cards I got:)
No plans at all for the weekend, which at one point a couple of years ago would have freaked the hell out of me, but now I’m loving it! Going to watch some DVD’s, maybe a tennis, a brunch with a friend tomorrow…just chillin’! Last night we watched “A Might Heart”, and Angelina Jolie did an awesome job, portraying Marianne Pearl. Watching “Bug” soon, and “No End in Sight” later today.
Loving this weekend!


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