Posted by: dutchimport | November 14, 2007

November weather

After the fires we had about 2 weeks of cool weather (no rain, maybe we’re getting a couple of inches in January this winter), and now the warm Santa Ana winds have returned, bringing hot weather to LA. In the evening it feels like the beginning of summer, you know, the drop of just a few degrees to make it feel like a nice summer evening. During the day it’s hot! Today it’s going to be around 85 degrees (29 celsius), and yes, even in Malibu it will reach about 80! I was kind of starting to like the cooler weather, but I still find it extremely cool to have these kind of temperatures in November!
Two days left of work this week, 3 day weekend, 3 days of work next week, 4 days off! Everyone is preparing for Thanksgiving! A lot of turkeys being killed right now! Can’t wait to have me some turkey!



  1. I’m hating this weather, please let it be november-like already!

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