Posted by: dutchimport | November 29, 2007


Life is like a giant puzzle. Slowly you learn how to put the pieces together. Some start with the framing and work their way inwards, others begin with what ever imagine they like the most, and others work at it all scattered. There are people who first take out all the pieces of the puzzle out of the box, and try to match them up, others grab pieces from the box and go from there.
Working on the puzzle takes time. There are many pieces. Sometimes you think you found a perfect fit, just finding out later that the pieces won’t fit anymore. You move on to the next piece of the puzzle, trying to figure out what was it that made it seem liked it fit or why it didn’t fit. Some might try to make the pieces fit even when they don’t, before letting it go, and try to find a better fit. Some pieces will seem to fit perfectly for some time, and you’re so happy with the way it looks, and that’s great. You can leave it forever if you like that part of the puzzle to be that way. Or, after some time, you pick up the pieces, with a smile and many beautiful memories and rearrange the pieces.
Pieces of the puzzle will fall in place ultimately, even though sometimes it might seem some pieces are taking forever to find, you get frustrated, or you might throw all the pieces in the box again and start over. Puzzles come in all shapes and sizes. There is no wrong or right way to do it. It’s your puzzle, so do whatever works best for you.
Life is about finding the right pieces and finding a good fit. Trying to figure out how to put the pieces together should be what makes you happy, and not so much the end result…the complete puzzle done. If the puzzle done is the goal, why not just buy a picture of the image?



  1. I used a similar metaphor for living life and I agree with mostly, save the figuring process is only makes us happy when making ‘significant’ and ‘satisfactory’ advances on the ‘puzzle’. It’s admittedly relativistic, but then again it’s your own puzzle so ultimately the only necessary standard is one’s own.
    And incidently this is also why you can’t buy a picture of it – despite the multiplicity of ‘stores’ and their ‘advertisements’, there is no picture of your life you can buy. And if there was how ‘fitting’ to you would it be? And if did buy one that was perfectly fitting to you, what would it say about the value and worth of living your life? Which may have been your point.

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