Posted by: dutchimport | December 5, 2007

it’s Sinterklaas again!

Sinterklaas, Sinterklaas en natuurlijk Zwarte Piet!

It’s Sinterklaas today! Yeah! Presents! It was the most looked forward day of the year growing up in The Netherlands! Even more then my Birthday! We don’t do Santa Klaus with Christmas, well, we kinda do now, cause America’s consumers attitude has taken over Europe, but in my childhood, we had good old Sinterklaas! Check out here what it means.

Whenever I try to explain Sinterklaas, I really can’t get around the fact that it’s kinda racist, but that doesn’t show on the picture right: Sinterklaas with his black helpers…
sinterklaas-2005-018.jpg sint-piet-paard.gif

scheveningen.jpg image_phpu49bcr.jpg



  1. Aren’t there any folks of African descent in the Netherlands? Or do they really have to do the black-face thing?

  2. Dude, what’s up with this? Why do the helpers gotta’ be black, huh? No need for the Dutch to be dissin’ the black man. Don’t hate, DON’T HATE! Hahahaha. I loved reading the link. I never knew about this holiday and Sinterklaas.

    “Sinterklaas gets on his white horse, Peter (“Piet”) swings a huge sack full of gifts over his shoulder, and the three of them board a steamship headed for the Netherlands.”

    So the black man has to do all the labor, and I bet shovel the coal to make that damn steamship of his run, right? Oh but it get’s better! . . . .

    “Piet jumps down the chimney flues and makes sure that the carrot or hay the children have left for the horse in their shoes by the fireplace is exchanged for a small gift or some candy.” Great. Now he’s got the negro dude collecting hay and carrots.

    “Piet rings doorbells, scatters sweets through the slightly opened doors and leaves basketfuls of presents by the front door.” Black man doin’ all the manual labor, as usual . . . shiiiiiiiiit!

    All this made me laugh, but hey, I guess every country has its degree of skin-color prejiduce, no? I see it in Jordan and India all the time, and — errr —- in America? !!!

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