Posted by: dutchimport | December 22, 2007

I made it!

But my suitcase is standing at JFK, even though I never went to JFK! I thought I had plenty of time at LAX, but the lady checked in my bag 4 minutes before closing the flight for luggage check in. She was able to check my bag all the way to Amsterdam though (Delta domestic, and Continental to Amsterdam; the airlines are partners).
I had to push my way through people at the security check, forgot to take my bottle out of my carry-on, and was looked upon like I was some kind of a criminal. Ran to the Gate, and made it on time for my first flight of the day: to Salt Lake City! We got there on time…that is, above the airport. Due to the heavy snow fall, we had to circle over the city for about an hour before we could land. Jumped out of my seat, ran into the terminal, found out that my next flight (to Newark) was leaving in 20 minutes, but departing from the other side of the airport, which while running, seemed like the other side of Utah, made it on time, and took my seat, completely out of breath. Took of shortly after I made it to the plane. So this is where my bag probably did not make it on time. No this is what I don’t really understand: Delta was so kind to ship my bag on another flight to New York, but to JFK, and not to Newark…
Newark was a mess! Especially Continental’s part of the airport, some construction going on. Good planning, right before the Holiday craziness! With my suitcase already check at LAX, I just had to get a boarding pass. Sounds easy, huh? NO! Had to fight my way through thousands of moody people standing in line to check their luggage at the check in desk. In between the crowd of people I found one small, hidding Self Check-In Kiosk. Only two people in line in front of me, so shouldn’t take long. WRONG! A family of three tried to check in. Obviously immigrants (and I mean that in a nice way), cause they spoke some kind of Eastern Europe language, and their names also suggested that part of the world as origin. That’s right, you can see everything when you’re standing against their bodies, cause the crowd is closing in on you. The man and the son were able to check-in, but the woman had some issues, and it gave a message that they needed to find assistance from an airline employee. You think they would get away from the kiosk, and let the people behind you use it (the line for the kiosk check in had grown significantly. So, I said politely that they needed assistance, so trying 5 times would not help, and that maybe some people in line could check in real quick until he got assistance. He turned around and said “We’re Americans!”… Okay, nice to know, but I really didn’t ask you about your citizenship. A little weird. When they did move out of the way, I got my boarding pass in 1 minute and the entire row was smiling, realizing that it could take just a minute, American or not.
So, again, I had to stand in line for a security check, my second and last for the day. I drank my water, and threw away the bottle (I learn from my mistakes). I didn’t have to run to the gate this time, bought earplugs, and once the plane was on cruising altitude, I made myself comfortable, earplugs in (btw, on all flights I had a screaming baby close to me), took a sleeping pill, and made it to Amsterdam pretty fast, and uneventfull. Schiphol is the best, easiest, most modern airport in the world! Flashed my Dutch passport at the check point, and made it to the baggage claim. Yep, I knew there might be a chance for trouble because of Salt Lake City (those stupid Mormons! Oops, sorry, don’t mean to insult, huh, generalize all Mormons), so when the message showed up that all luggage had been tossed and mine wsn’t there, I made my way over to the Lost and Found desk. So organized! Withing a minute the nice man found my bag at JFK, and hopefully Delta will be so kind to fly it over Sunday morning and deliver it to my parents place.
So here I am, after a nap, feeling like it’s Saturday morning, but we’re getting ready for dinner. I’m wearing clothes from when I still lived with my parents (I moved out 14 years ago, but my mom can’t throw away anything). I really realize now that I was chubby back then, cause these clothes are really 3 sizes to big!
It’s freezing cold, everything is white, not from snow, but from the frost, and I’m jet lagged. Going to have a beer!
Have a Merry Christmas everyone! Ho, ho, ho…



  1. Have a wonderful holiday break with your family!

  2. Wow! It’s just like an episode of the Amazing Race! By the by, Mormons ARE morons (except for the reformed ones, which always seem to be kind of sexy. Have you noticed? I’m talking Ryan Gosling and Win Butler here).

  3. Enjoy your holiday with your family, Dutch!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Hey maatje… welkom in NL. Hoop je snel te zien.

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