Posted by: dutchimport | December 27, 2007

My Year in Review

It was a very eventful, emotional, and life changing year. 2006 Was a pretty shitty year: unemployed, knee injury, no money, knee surgery, but one awesome trip to Europe with Fishering.

I don’t feel like typing much, but today I’m going back to Amsterdam (only been there one day so far) after having celebrated Christmas with the family. My uncle who had another mental breakdown in October is doing much better, and he looks a lot better as when I saw him in the summer of 2006. I’m going to try to spend as much time as possible with him in Amsterdam.

So, I don’t wanna spend too much time behind the computer when I’m with friends in Amsterdam. At my parents place it was a nice escape to get away from all the craziness for a little bit. With only a few days left in 2007, let’s look back on my highs and lows of the past 12 months:

– recovering from ACL replacement and Meniscus repair surgery: months of physical therapy, which was actual fun, and a long 8 months without working out (except hiking after a few months)
– working for Bon Appetit for the first 7 months of the year: shitty money, and don’t really wanna say much else about. Since March I tried to get from Bon Appetit to the Getty, but first 2 positions I applied for, I was not hired. Big dissapointment.
– Sierra developed huge seperation anxiety, and within 6 months she jumped out of the window of our apartment twice, falling almost 3 stories high on the pavement below. She survived with minor injuries, but she’s been very difficult to deal with ever since. She’s destroyed many things at home, and were running out of options to keep her safe from herself.
– Finally things were looking good for a position at the Getty Villa! Was working on my final contract details, when my direct manager could not keep it to himself (knowing I was going to leave), and told the big boss that I was leaving even though I begged him not to tell her, cause no official job offer was made, and it was up to me to tell her. Huge betrayal in trust.
– Finalized job offer at the Getty Villa just before vacation time! Very happy with where I would be working, what I would do, and who I would work with. Dissapointed in salary offer, and after trying to negociate, didn’t get a penny more
– in August my parents, sister & her boyfriend came over! Traveled through California in a RV with Fishering, Sierra and the family. Thought I wouldn’t survive, but it was a great trip! Much credit to Fishering for finding all the camp sides, and for having to be with my insane family for so long!
– after my parents visit I started working for Villa Programs at the Getty Villa. Because of the summer months, it was slow, but good to slowly learn about my position. Things started to pick up in October, and I started to get really busy, but really enjoying my job.
– experienced a major depression, that really scared me. It took me several days to recover from it
– and then, October, after over 3 years, Fishering and ended out relationship. It was the hardest and most emotional thing I ever went through. Most intense experience of the year
– Fishering and I still life, car pool, and work together, which is going extremely well under the circumstances. Even though the relationship is over, I have so much respect and love for him, and probably will alsways have this.
– we went weeks without telling friends and work about our breakup. We did this to let them see that we are dealing with it in a respectful and professional matter, and that for our mutual friends and at work nothing would really change. When we did finally told everyone, we spend most of our time consoling our friends instead of them having to support us. I did realize during these difficult times that I have the best friends ever
– mid December, out of nowhere, a job opportunity was brought to my attention. Within a week and a half of knowing about it, I interviewed, was hired, and gave my notice at the Getty
– 3 days later I got on a plane to Amsterdam.

The last 3 months have been a emotional roller coaster. Dealing with the breakup, very busy at work, loving my job, but not being able to pay my bills. Two family members in The Netherlands having serieus health issues, slowly trying to find a new plave to live for me and Sierra, and a new job which will start the end of January. I really am so glad I’m back in the Motherland now to leave LA and all the stress and worries behind and to reflect on all that has happened. I’m looking forward to 2008. It will be a big change in my life, with the new job (btw, a 40% salary increase, and a awesome position which is a huge promotion), and living on my own again. It’s going to be challeging, emotional, and though, but I know it will turn out okay in the end.

Have a Happy New Year everyone!


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