Posted by: dutchimport | January 12, 2008

My Trip in Pictures

Don’t feel like writing about my trip, just too much to tell, and probably not even interesting for you. Yesterday I had it with Delta not having any information on my second suitcase still missing, so I drove to LAX to figure it out. There, after hearing “we don’t know” many times from the lady behind the counter, I made one more round through all the unclaimed luggage sitting there, and I found my suitcase! Delta will receive a letter from me shortly to complain about the way my delayed luggage was handled. Who know how long my bag would have sat there if I didn’t go to LAX to take things into my own hands. Now I’m just very happy I have both of my bags back.
Okay, here it goes, my trip in pictures:
christmas-2007-007.jpg christmas-2007-024.jpg

christmas-2007-042.jpg christmas-2007-040.jpg

christmas-2007-044.jpg christmas-2007-037.jpg

christmas-2007-107.jpg christmas-2007-113.jpg

christmas-2007-122.jpg christmas-2007-124.jpg

christmas-2007-155.jpg christmas-2007-102.jpg

christmas-2007-158.jpg christmas-2007-160.jpg

christmas-2007-169.jpg ang-me-and-kaline.jpg



  1. I want to see pics of the tat – pony up.

  2. YOU went ice skating! I’ve been begging people to go with me!

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