Posted by: dutchimport | February 5, 2008


I can’t, am not a citizen, but that doesn’t mean I’m not involved. Go out tomorrow and vote! Who to vote for:


I went to see and hear Hillary Clinton speak at a rally on Saturday morning. Even though I was sick as a dog (and still am), I had to go and see our hopefully future President speak. I have short videos I took with my phone, but I don’t know yet how to upload them yet (it’s a new phone).

I’m all for Hillary Clinton for President! I don’t mind Barack Obama, but let him be a Senator (or Vice President to Hillary) for a while to build some more experience and credentials. After 8 horrible years under Bush, we need someone who has the experience to rebuild the image Bush created of America, clean up the mess domestically, and pull out of Iraq in a responsible way. I have so much more faith in Hillary to accomplish all of this and more then Barack. Barack is just too inexperienced with foreign politics.

Things I’ve been hearing around me from Barack supporters that are to me NO reasons to vote for a candidate:
– great motivational speaker, and charisma: is that wants most important? My God, Reagan was a good motivational speaker with charisma, and look what kind of President he was! Btw, Hillary is a great speaker and she motivates me and many others!
– time for the old guard to step a side and lets give a young person a try: What the f#ck??? Are we voting just to let a young person give it a shot? At this point in time we need someone with experience, and this is NOT the time to think we should have Barack “just give it a shot”
– how great would it be to have a President of the US with a name Barack Hussein Obama: WHAT? Select a candidate based on his name??? You must be kidding me!

Let’s get back to Obama’s praised speeches for a minute. Yes, he speaks his prepared speeches well, but if you watched the Debate 2 weeks ago, when he was put to the test by Hillary and John Edwards, he was at a loss for words when it came to respond to big issues. Hillary has clearly been better in the debates, and we all know how she has been attacked by all Presidential hopefuls. After months of campaigning I still don’t know what Barack is going to do about the war, healthcare, the economy and everything else. Hillary has clear and detailed ideas, and is able to get them across. One Obama supporter told me I was right on this point, but she said that if you go to Obama’s website, it is written down all clearly what he intends to do. What the f#ck? If he wants to be President, shouldn’t he be able to clearly present his ideas, and be able to stand up for him self when faced with criticism?
Don’t get me wrong, if Hillary doesn’t get the nomination, I’ll support Obama, but I’m proud to announce that I endorse Hillary Clinton for President! Yeah, I know, the entire country was waiting for me to do this in public, and I have to go now to appear on CNN.



  1. I am so happy I don’t have to vote tomorrow.

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