Posted by: dutchimport | February 6, 2008

Be careful

Today the cause of death was released for the accidental overdose on prescription medication which took the life of Heath Ledger.

Like Heath’s father said in a statement, it’s very important to take prescription medication very serious and don’t mix and match. Don’t self medicate and do only take the medications and dosages prescripeted by your doctor.

I have to start cleaning out my drawer in my night stand, cause I have a horrible habit of not throwing things away. If I was to be found death in my bed, the police would find a lot of empty prescription medication bottles. Not only do I take many different pills, I also have many empty bottles lying around and I have dozens of bottles (full, empty, or half full) somewhere of medications I was once on. I guess it’s time to flush all those down the toilet.

Heath’s death is a horrible, tragic accident, and after today’s report, I hope all the crazy rumors will disappear, and that Heath’s family and friends and mourn in piece. My thoughts are with them.


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