Posted by: dutchimport | February 9, 2008

No More

I planned on quiting for a while, but it has been to hectic to even think about a good time. Until I got sick last week, and I was done.
I have been a week without a cigarette now. Yesterday I found out that the father of a dear friend of mine was admitted in the hospital, and is very ill from smoking for years. This will be a good motivation to really quit smoking.
No more bad breath, stinking clothes, smelly fingers, or cool smoking pictures…



  1. Hmmm…is that my jacket that you’re stinking up in that picture. The one you told me you weren’t going to smoke in?

  2. Hey, I did dry clean the jacket for you! And admit, it turned out an awesome effects picture!

  3. Cute picture, though! And, yes, Valentine’s Day is my favorite without any Hallmark goobers trying to pay me off. I love it!

  4. en hoe gaattie?

  5. I really like your blog. Check out mine, it’s similar:

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