Posted by: dutchimport | February 24, 2008

4 movies within 24 hours!

I’ve done it! Seen all the movies I wanted to see before Sunday nights Oscar showdown! Last night I watched “American Gangster”, and I really enjoyed this picture! Really good! But, I really hope Ruby Dee will not win the Oscar for that tiny, not Oscar worthy performance.
Today I started with In the Valley of Elah. I really enjoyed this movie. I also realized that good acting, good directing and good editing can make up for a shaky plot line. Tommy was good, but Oscar worthy…not sure.
Then to the theater for a double feature: I’m Not There at 1:45pm and The Savages at 5pm, same theater. I liked the performances of some in I’m Not There, and yes, Cate was excellent. I also enjoyed Heath Ledger, Charlotte Gainsborough and Christian Bale. The movie itself…nah, not too impressed. The Savages was good because of the great chemistry and acting by Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Linney. The were so good together! But looking at her performance singled out, which in this movie is not really possible, an Oscar win…not really. Phillip should have been nominated as well.
So, have any of my previous choices and guesses changed? No. I still think Cate will win, but Tilda should. That’s it. We’ll find out tomorrow.



  1. I haven’t seen one nominated film this year.

    Thank God for DVD rentals.

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