Posted by: dutchimport | February 25, 2008

After the Oscars

I’m drunk! I went to my favorite host for the Oscars! I saw almost all movies, feel I have something good to say about this thing called acting and movies, and…I was shared 3rd in the parties Oscars poll. It was strange, a little bit like Al Gore in 2000, cause up to the last 2 categories I was leading with just 2 to go, I had one wrong, so still a secure win, right? No. Oh well, I don’t care…I saw all these great movies, and that means more to me then to be #1. And… I got to most wanted movie in the DVD pot… my favorite movie of 2007…Michael Clayton!
My big wins this evening: Marion Cotillard for best actress, Falling slowly, best song from Once and a couple more I can’t remember now. Remember, I’m pretty drunk now.
My biggest lose of the evening: all my picks and thoughts that The Diving Bell and the Butterfly would win everything, was so wrong! It didn’t win a thing! Based on some critics picks, I picked Transformers on some of the sound editing/mixing things, but also picked the Bourne Ultimatum a couple of times, but it won all or sound. Where I went really wrong were my guesses for best shorts, animated, action and documentary. I really thought No end in Sight would win best documentary, but I only saw 2 of the nominated titles, so I can’t really judge.
Anyway…I’m so happy about two wins: Best song from Once, and my “Should Win Best Supporting Actress” Tilda Swinton! Even though I didn’t pick Tilda to win, cause I thought Cate was sure to win for I’m not There. When I saw the best supporting actors category again, and the little cut to presentations, the actor I really wanted to win was Hal Holbrook.
I still thought it was a fun show. Jon Stewart rocked! Best moment: to have the female winning part from Best song come out after the commercial break to give her thanks for her Oscar, cause she was cut off by the orchestra before she could speak!


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