Posted by: dutchimport | March 5, 2008

Oh, yes, she did it!


I’m getting so sick and tired of the media, so called “political specialist, analysts, or whatever”, and the Obama camp of all the talk over the last few weeks about Hillary end of the race. The media has been so on Obama’s side, it’s not even funny! These channels, and commentators should be independent, but they are obvious not. Last night, Clinton remained the leader in Ohio by 16% or so, with over 50% of the votes in. What did Wolf Blitzer keep on saying? “Such an incredible close race in Ohio and Texas”. Obama never got within 12% of Clinton! Blitzer and King kept on looking on the map and predicting that Obama would close in soon, and most likely pull in more votes, and Cleveland would be the big win for Obama. Not long after, not mentioning anything about their previous predictions, they had to call Ohio to Clinton.
And look at the results now: Rhode Island, OHIO and TEXAS won by Hillary Clinton!

And still this HUGE win for Clinton is seen as a momentum, instead for what it is…a HUGE win for Clinton and a HUGE blow to Obama! Yes, Obama has won many states, but who took the big ones? Who took the states where we need the voters to beat McCain? Obama can’t even beat Hillary in the most important states, so how does he intend on winning them form McCain?
And when is the media going to focus in on the fact that most of Obama’s wins came from Caucasus in states where men are still embarrassed to stand up for a woman? Who’s winning the primaries? Clinton! Are there going to be any Caucasus in the November election? NO!
It’s about time the media will focus on these points instead of focusing on Obama’s charisma, momentum, movement.

Oh, one more thing…. Weh, weh, boe, boohoo! The Obama is whining and crying over Hillary’s negative attack over the last week to win votes. “Boohoo, she is so mean”! Holy shit! Be a man! If you call these points that Hillary’s campaign is pointing out negative attacks, well, you haven’t seen nothing yet! How will you survive the attacks the Republicans are already planning? Hillary has always been attacked by Obama, Edwards, all other candidates, the Republicans, and the media.
What did Hillary do the last couple of weeks? She called Obama out on a clear and obvious mistake on the NAFTA matter by one of Obama’s top campaign adviser! Oh, and then there is the mean, and so negative “3am” spot! Have you seen that? My God, if you can’t handle an innocent, even a little corky TV spot where Obama’s name is not even mentioned, the spot not even being a direct attack! Just admit it people: Hillary’s campaign is on the right track, and nowhere close on throwing in the towel or ever has been!



  1. I’ll have to be your point of disagreement.

    Hillary went 0-10 in February. Not because the press was unfair to her but simply because she and her campaigns had no thoughts beyond Super Tuesday, likely thinking she’d have her coronation all wrapped up. She did poorly on Super Tuesday, not locking up the races she needed to and not winning the states she did win by a large enough spread. After losing every state in February’s competitions, her campaign went ahead and dismissed all those voters as people who “don’t matter.” (Umm…okay. Well, here in Washington, Obama won every. single. county. In my precinct and every precinct around me, it wasn’t even close.) Bill Clinton made a very bizarre comment about how all of those caucus elections were filled with people who didn’t really need a president because they were wealthy or just party activists. Whatever. Because, obviously, after my neighborhood was done voting we just sat around lighting $50 bills just for the sport of it.

    Considering that Hillary has such high profile in the party and the nation and has a popular ex-president in her corner, she shouldn’t be struggling as much as she is. In no way, shape or form is she an underdog. I’m impressed that she won Ohio but the real story is how damn close Texas was. She should have blown Obama away–a guy no one had heard of 4 years ago– and she can’t do it. In fact, after all the counting was done, Obama came out of Texas with more delegates than she did. I guess you could technically say that she “won” Texas but it was still a net loss for her.

    Bottom line: mathematically, she’s all but eliminated from the contest. She needs to win the next contests by, at least, a 65-35 spread and she won’t do it. In fact, she’ll undoubtedly lose Mississippi and Wyoming. (Which she’ll dismiss as not mattering anyway.) The question is, will she go gracefully or will her efforts destroy the party? I had to laugh at her audaciousness when, in an interview the morning after Ohio, she suggested that maybe Obama could be her running mate. Um…Hillary? He’s ahead of you not only in the popular vote but in delegates. What on earth are you suggesting?

    I think her campaign advisors are about the slimiest collection of human beings this side of Karl Rove. I think if—by some far-fetched chance—she got the nomination, down ticket democrats will lose alot of Congressional races that they could otherwise win with Obama on board. Like her husband (whose administration was good for him personally, but terrible for the party who were left without control of either chamber of congress and virtually zero party building mechanisms in place) she will encourage far more people to vote against her than Obama would. That leaves her administration (if she could even beat McCain which I have huge doubts about) with no leverage at all to pass any of the monumental legislation that absolutely needs to get done by the next president.

    Long (long) story short: she is, in my opinion, the absolute worst candidate the dems could put forth in November. We need to win this one and we need to win it decisively. We need to pick up congressional seats in every state in the union, not just the “battleground” states that Clinton seems obsessed with. Her campaign playbook is right out of 1992-2004. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Unless John McCain has a stroke and dies on the campaign trail, I can’t see how a Hillary nomination could result in anything but disappointment.

    Sorry, this comment was harsh. But I do feel very strongly that she is the wrong person for the times.

    But hey….your oscar picks were great! And I like the new layout!

  2. Oh Kat, you know I love you…but this is my site to write and bitch! You’re comment is almost as long as my post!
    And I have to say as a final political comment: you’re entire comment was about Clinton, and nothing on Obama’s qualities. Hmm, this seems to be happening all the time…jump on Hillary, and praise the way Obama presents himself. I wish he would present his policies, and had a better healthcare plan!
    Still love you though:)

  3. I know! I just started typing and somehow couldn’t stop and then when I hit “submit” I realized it was practically a crazed manifesto! Sorry!

    I have been neglecting my blog lately but I have sketched out the beginnings of my next post which will be more election centric. (When I started my blog 4+ years ago it was virtually all political and then I just got really depressed with it all and tried to veer more towards entertainment and random shit. Now it’s kind of political again. Oh well.)

    At any rate, I’ll specifically put some Obama commentary in there (Obama, who, by the way was not nearly my first choice) and you are invited to come rant over there and present yourself as passionately insane as I pretty much did on your blog. 🙂

    Love ya too!

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