Posted by: dutchimport | March 24, 2008

Is this Los Angeles?

I’ve been at my new place for two weeks now, and I’m slowly starting to get adjusted to my new surroundings, and living space. My roommate went out of town this weekend, so I was taking care of her doggie that btw gets along with Sierra extremely well. Sierra seems to love the new place, and her anxiety is less. I think having another dog around is a huge difference.

Being alone in the apartment the weekend made me feel more at home, and made it more like a home. I could walk around in my underwear; have the bedroom door open at night and all these small things you have to pay attention to when you have a roommate. The weather over the weekend was amazing! Sunny and very hot. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be outside much and enjoy the beginning of Spring. Friday and Saturday I had to go to Home Depot, first to buy paint, and on Saturday to buy a snake, cause the toilet was clogged up. Not a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Didn’t get started painting my room till Sunday. Saturday evening a party at a house on Mulholland Dr where a friend of mine rents a studio. The sky was so clear, you could see so many stars, and the moon was almost full. In LA seeing stars is pretty rare, and that’s why this is the most beautiful time in LA, before the smog arrives.

Sunday I spend most of the day painting, but around 5pm I went outside to walk the dogs, and I decided to check out the Pan Pacific Park which is located just at the end of my street. The park was PACKED with large families BBQ, playing sport, running around and celebrating a beautiful Easter weekend! It was really so packed, there was not a spot not taken. The park is kinda located in a sort of lower level then the street and you can hardly see the park from the streets. Walking in the park, the smell of food, only hearing Spanish around me (most of the people were Latino families), I looked up at the Hills, which are so green from the green not so long ago, for a minute, a real surreal feeling came over me: the moment took me back to Cusco, Peru. It felt completely like I was there, feeling it, smelling it, experiencing it. I was snapped out of it when my eyes reached the Hollywood sign. I had a real happy moment, a moment which brought back memories to a place where I used to live, and then realizing how beautiful LA can be. It was Easter Sunday, many people outside having fun, I was wearing shorts and a tank top, and it isn’t even April yet. It is such a great place to live, and my new apartment is located close to many cool places, and I think the park is going to be my next favorite hang out spot!

And then I got an email from my dad this morning. Yesterday, Easter Sunday, was the coldest month in 40 years and it snowed! Yes, I really enjoy living in LA:)



  1. is dit een foto van je park of “sexywoman” met intií raymi????
    je hebt gelijk. ongelooflijk

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