Posted by: dutchimport | April 10, 2008

Totally Addicted

I need to watch at least 1 episode every day, but most of the times it’s 2 or 3. Halfway through Season 2 I started recognizing episodes, because I think I’ve seen most of it at least till Season 5 or so. Season 1 was great to watch, especially the first few episodes since Sarah still had to get into her character, especially getting her comedic timing just right. I’m now half into season 3, and it’s just great! Season 2 was great with the best entrance of a character ever; Spike arriving at Sunnydale. Then Angel going bad after he popped her cherry, Mom finds out about the slaying, everybody starts dating eachother. Season 3 is having the flash backs from the past when Angel was a bad, bad Vampire, friends cheat on eachother, Mr. Giles is still sad, Angel returns from the dead, Faith arrives in Sunnydale, grown ups eat Camp Candy and become dumb acting teenagers (Mom and Mr. Giles kiss)! And there are 7 seasons!
I LOVE Buffy the Vampire Slayer!
Buffy Season 3



  1. I still need to get season 3. Just got season 2 a month ago and I’ll have everything. Buffy was a damn good series. I’ve seen others try to replicate it. But nothing will ever be as soon.

    Then it’s a tie between Angel and Xena.

  2. Season 2 just started on FX (I think?) . It’s great, they only run 2 episodes a week, one on saturday and one on sunday. I like catching them that way, because it gives me time to forget and be pleasantly surprised all over again. Though I have to admit, the episodes with Faith are difficult for me to watch, because I HATE HER. But boy oh boy, how I loves me some Spike.

  3. LOL! Faith was it for me. She was hot.

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