Posted by: dutchimport | April 24, 2008

And one more big state to her list!

Another big win
Wanted to post much more, but am so busy at work. But couldn’t let this victory go by unnoticed! After all this talk of her campaign being over, Obama outspending her out fundraising her, she still keeps on winning the most important states in the primaries.
Okay, our girl does need some financial help. It’s beyond me why it is here in the States that it’s all about the money, even our next candidate for President is all about money!
But…it is what it is, so please give her what you can:



  1. Glad to see you are a quitter at your blog like she was a quitter in the nomination. Too bad she didn’t run a better campaign…now she’s got the world convinced she lost because she was a woman…when in reality she just isn’t likeable enough to get elected outside of New York.

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