Posted by: dutchimport | April 28, 2008

Day to Day Life

I love the hot weather! I hope the summer is going to be like this past weekend! It’s though for Sierra, but my ceiling fan seems to work pretty well for her, since it’s right above my bed where she spends most of her time.

I had a very nice chill weekend. Went hiking on both Saturday and Sunday, celebrated Queens Day at the Beverly Hills Country Club, hosted by the Dutch Consulate, drank too much and was completely done by around 10am. It’s so surreal going to one of these Consulate celebration, and stand around and sing our national Anthem, The Wilhelmus, dates back to 1548 or something.
Luckily no hangover on Sunday, which was a huge surprise. Had a very nice relaxing Sunday.

This morning I got up early again for my almost daily trip to Runyon Canyon with Sierra. Even at 7am it was already hot. On my way over the Runyon, I had to wait for the longest light ever, Melrose/Gardner, which gives me a change to wake up a little more and look around at the empty street. I realized how funny it is to all of the sudden become familiar with peoples daily routines. This morning was not the first time I saw a black VW pull up in Front of Johnny Rockets, run accross the street and dissapear in Coffee Bean. I guess I will see her do that many more times, since I’m pretty on the dot with my routine going to Runyon. Anyway, I thought that was funny.
In case you ever consider visiting Amsterdam, try going around April 30th! Queens Day in Amsterdam is something you’ll never forget!



  1. Hi there!! I love these pictures from queen´s day!!! Are they royalty free?? Can I use them for my blog?? thank you very much!

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