Posted by: dutchimport | November 7, 2008

Dark cloud over historic moment

Obama won, but discrimination won as well. Prop 8 was voted in, and it’s extremely depressing and it’s hitting people hard.
Luckily everyone has been protesting and been in rally’s since last night. This afternoon I got up from my desk because my boss called me and asked me to join her out on the street when the protesters reached my work. I am so happy to walk on Wilshire Blvd and stand up for my rights!

Now I have to find a way to get home…the entire city is out on the streets and all major streets are blocked. But I don’t mind being stuck in traffic for this! We’re standing up for our rights in huge numbers, and we’re getting the attention that we need to make sure we can love and be with someone just like anybody else! Pics will follow…


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