Posted by: dutchimport | November 9, 2008

Is it over yet?

The last month has been so insane! All good stuff, lots of social fun parties, events, etc…

And this week! Man, what a week! November 4th Obama will be our new President! I turned 34 on that day, had a little party.
Wednesday, the 5th my friend Kat arrived it LA, so drinks at Terroni’s and my friend Armand joined us, cause he is leaving for Bagdad again. Thursday the 6th I joined a rally to stand up for equal rights for all…Prop 8 needs to be overturned and not be passed! I think I took the night of the 6th of…and didn’t drink alcohol for the 1st time in…months I think…
Friday, LONG day at work…too much wine again, and Terroni’s again with M@ this time… Love Terroni’s…it has become my Cheers.
Saturday, 2 exhibitions opened at the museum I work at… Now it’s Sunday, and just so tired, but enjoying the mellowness I did not have for so long! Later I’ll go to Runyon with Kat, and then to El Coyote with Kat and Fishering!
I took Monday off, and with Tuesday being Veterans Day, I won’t have to go back to work till Wednesday! So need the next two days to recover from, well, just from my life…


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