Posted by: dutchimport | November 11, 2008

If only this would only reach the people it should reach…

I had this discussion with Vanguard last night. It’s great that people stand up for the hate vote passed last week as Prop 8 was voted Yes. All the TV adds against Prop 8 were showing on ABC, during Brothers & Sisters or Desperate Housewives! As Vanguard put it: “That’s preaching to the choir!” Why not try to get these adds on FOX during “Terminator…” or “Prison Break”? Vanguard and I disagreed on some of the adds, and its effectiveness. I loved the bride to be trying to reach the groom at the altar, but being obstructed…the message: this is how it feels not being able to be with the one you love.

I think turning the situation around for the people who are for Yes on Prop 8 could have been an effective campaign (“could have been” since Prop 8 was voted Yes). Vanguard wished that there were more adds actually featuring gay couples, children with gay parents happy as can be because they have two loving parents. He might be right, but who knows if that would have been the message that would have turned the people around who voted for hate. But how do you reach the people who need to be educated, confronted with the fact that they are voting for discrimination, denying equal right for a specific group of human beings, voting against a law that was installed in California by the court, a court for which they voted who would represented them when it comes to decisions involving laws and rights… How do you reach those people? How?

And I don’t know much about all the Propositions, and how they end up on the ballot. Shouldn’t we have protested then, and not wait till after it was voted Yes? Please explain to be…could we have prevented from Prop 8 to be voted on? I don’t know these things…I’m Dutch…I am a Permanent Resident of the US…not a citizen. I pay taxes, politics and laws effects my life, but I can’t vote to have any control over them. Should I move back to my country of citizenship where I can marry whomever I love and would wish to marry?

So what we can do now is rally, protest, and do this peacefully like it has been the last week. The protests have been not only getting gay people to the streets, but straights, gay, bi, black, white, or whatever race. These rallies are actually beautiful to experience…seeing love, being with all these people who are supporting love, and equality.
Picture by Vanguard
Or put your signature on one of the many organizations out there fighting for equal rights, like the Courage Campaign.

I feel like I can go on and on about this. But I won’t. I will always love Keith Olbermann for his comment above, or Drew Barrymore protesting for No on Prop 8, or Brad Pitt saying he won’t marry his love Angelina until everyone, straight or gay has the right to marry. Equality…for all.


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