Posted by: dutchimport | November 12, 2008

Don’t like this feeling

The feeling of insecurity. I’m realizing that I need a lot of confirmation when I’m in a relationship. Confirmation and reassurance that all is fine. You see, when dating starts of with feeling good about myself because of the attention I’m getting, about what the person thinks of me, you know, the compliments.

When that all of the sudden stops, I doubt myself and the status of the relationship. I take it personal and start thinking about what’s wrong with me, and start thinking about what the other person might be thinking or if he’s going to end the relationship.

I need to work on this. Because we’re doing fine. He’s not happy with his two jobs, living situation, and has been pretty depressed. It doesn’t help that since he lives in Orange County, works two jobs, never has a day off, so we don’t see each other as often as in the beginning. And that’s though. Last night we met about half way between where we live and had dinner. Even though we could only spend a couple of hours in eachother’s company, I take any minute I can, because, well…I really like him.



  1. That’s distorted thinking and something that my therapist has TOTALLY helped me through!

    Mindreading, Escalation, Self-Criticism, Distortion,

    I have a book for you if you want

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