Posted by: dutchimport | December 2, 2008

World Wide Web

That says it all: www. Whatever is on the Internet is available for all to watch see, read or whatever. I was still surprised (read: shocked, a little freaked out) when I was told something on Sunday (okay, here it comes, lets see if you can follow this): someone who I had not seen in 3 months knew before we met on Sunday that my relationship had ended just one week before because of a mutual “friend” which I didn’t know we had, but it was more through a friend of that mutual “friend” of ours that he found out 3 months ago that we had this person in common, so the friend of this mutual “friend” told him that he had actually met me before, which I can’t remember, and he also told him (“him” is the guy I reconnected with on Sunday, don’t want you to get lost in this) that I have this blog online, and so he (formerly mentioned as “him”) checked out my blog, and that’s why he told me he actually knows me better then I thought he would know me, which turns out to be through!

A little creepy you might think? No, that’s not how it felt, or came across…just extremely weird, and I use the term weird in a positive way, such a small world, 6 degrees of seperation kind of thing…well…wait…even though LA is a huge city…the gay world here is surprising little small and everyone knows something about everyone.

Now, this could make me wonder if I should continue to write about person stuff on my blog, because you never know who ends up reading this. But this blog has always been my outlet of writing about my feelings, my ups and downs, and yes, over the last couple of years I have been extremely honest and person on what I wrote here…one the World Wide Web. And I’m going to continue to do so! I never really think about who reads this or how many people actually visit this site. This is my diary…my place to share things with, well…the entire world. I love the fact that my friends from the Motherland read this and are updated about what’s going on in my life…in my mind. My friends are all over the world, and the can access the www and check in with me.

That doesn’t mean that I’m not careful about what I write. I hardly mention people by their real names to protect their privacy. Over the last 4 years, I think I pulled two post of my blog after having posted them and realizing they were a bit too personal to be sharing them with the world. So I’m going to keep on writing, keep on venting about politics, keep on sharing my mood, feelings and whatever I want to write down here. This is my place, and I’ll do whatever I want with it. If you get offended…stop visiting and leave me alone, if you like something you read, leave me a comment, or not. This is me. I don’t need a reason, purpose or explanation why I write or worry about who reads my stuff.
What’s Your Excuse?



  1. Hear Hear! Love to see you back on the www! Liefs, Thur…

  2. I think a blog being a purely private space rests on one important thing—anonymity. Not just the anonymity of the author, but their readers as well. Once you begin to know your audience, it changes not only what you write about, but how you write as well. You begin self-editing, and it can be frustrating when you don’t feel that you are able to just put your feeling and thoughts out there without overstepping boundaries, hurting someone’s feelings or possibly exposing one’s own less than wonderful personality traits. I don’t regret getting to know any of the really great people I have met through mutual blog reading – you included. But I constantly ask myself if my own blog (which started out SO different than what it is/does today) still fills a need for me. I guess the only way to be able to utilize a blog for the sole purpose of honestly writing about one’s innermost thoughts and feelings – is to not personalize it—no names, no photos and keep it a secret from friends and family. Maybe with Facebook filling more of our “What Am I Doing Now” needs for the world to see, it easier to have an anonymous blog.

    But of course—if you do create an anonymous blog, I still expect you to give me the link ; -)

  3. You made some good points. You do filter yourself cause you know who reads your blog. I do not blog about certain things like work, or personal friends, but I don’t have any bad or mean stuff to write about people close to me. I am going to keep this a personal place and share my life and feelings, cause I want the people I know who read this to know these things about me. Thanks for reading and your comment!

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