Posted by: dutchimport | December 12, 2008

Confused Dutch boy

I lost myself on a cool damp night
When I think more than I want to think
Do things I never should do
I drink much more that I ought to drink

Somewhere along the line we lost the horizon,
I´ve been looking ’round, up and down
Nowhere there, nowhere there
Someday I hope we can find the horizon
I´ve been all around the world
Nothing is clear to me now at all

I really thought I was okay
I really thought I was just fine
But when I woke this time
There was nothing to take me back to sleep

And I keep saying over and over
and over and over again
Let it rain, let it rain
I need to hide within a storm
So have the ending come
And bring the winds that scream
And spill the fog all over town

I was not looking to do you wrong
Was not looking for a change of scenery
Don’t remember where, or when, or how I did
But I’m hoping you’ll forgive me

Hold on
This may hurt you when I tell you of the truth
We don’t get two lives to live
It’s true
The only fault I’ve found in you is not being free to take what I would give

If I could bend your pain into something good
Make you a prouder man
If I could rough you up then save you with good luck
And show you hope again

Hold on
You weren’t meant to suffer so very long
Leaving love that’s gone has never been a sin
Hang tight
The only fault you have tonight is shutting down so cold ’til I break in

If I can make you stay
Convince you you’d be lost if we were torn apart
If it remained unclear between the two of us
Which one would be the one to break the other’s heart

Hold on
This will floor me differently than any drug that’s washed me into sleep
It’s true
The only fault I’ll take from you is how to run from what you wish to keep

I think I should stop listening to sad music for a while…

Lilac Wine, lyrics by James Shelton, Jeff Buckley version
All other lyrics by Rachael Yamagata


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