Posted by: dutchimport | December 14, 2008

No more boycott

Today’s LATimes had an Opinion piece by Steve Lopez about Margie, the floor manager at El Coyote who donated $100 to Yes on Prop 8. She’s such a stupid moron Mormon, cause she just donates whatever her church tell her to donate to… Meek follower and so dumb of her, knowing that by donating for Yes on Prop 8, she is discriminating a large base of loyal customers of El Coyote, myself included. And then tell the press and everyone how you love your customers, and have nothing against gays, but you do deny them the same rights as everyone else. Yeah, that ain’t working honey!

So, in the paper it said that she’s on a leave of abstance, but earlier this week, a manager at El Coyote said she’s leaving er job. That’s exactly what I think she needs to do. If she really cares about the restaurant her family started almost 80 years ago, and the employees she’s been working with for years, many gay by the way, she should leave El Coyote.

In the meantime, I will still be going to El Coyote. I haven’t been since the election, cause there had not been a opportunity. But I’m not boycotting El Coyote because of Margie’s unconstitutional vote against equal rights for everyone. She’s an individual working at this restaurant. The restaurant has nothing to do with her vote, and made that very clear. Employees have been collecting money and donating to organizations for equality and anti discrimination. I love El Coyote. At this restaurant I fell in love with someone for the first time in my life, I’ve been going there for over 4 years to celebrate many joyful occasions such as Birthday’s, friends and family visiting, or just for the margaritas, sharing quality time with my friends. Margie Christoffersen is the person to blame, to “hate”, to feel resentment for…not El Coyote.

But…if she does not resign, and one day is going to be back on the floor of the restaurant, and I see her…I will pay my bill, say goodnight to my waiter or waitress, and leave, hopefully being able to give her a dirty look or even being able to tell her how she’s single handedly almost destroyed a LA landmark: El Coyote…



  1. I was actually going to ask you guys what the status of the El Coyote boycott was. I’m glad she’s taken a leave of absence. She’s an idiot. Thanks for taking me on my last trip down. Those margaritas….wow.

  2. Careful, folks. She’s not just an employee. She’s a part owner. She only resigned as a manger; she still partially owns the place. And still donates 10% of her income to the Mormons.

  3. Basically what Ms. Christoffersen is saying here is that gay Californians don’t deserve the right to marry, but they *do* deserve the right to spend money at her restaurant?

    No wonder she’s singing a different tune now that SHE’s the one who stands to lose something.

    Read more: Tacos, with a side of bigotry

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