Posted by: dutchimport | December 23, 2008

Life in LA

Last night I went to see Rachel Getting Married at Sunset Laemmle Theater (by the way, Anne Hathaway did a amazing job playing Kym). I loved the movie! As if I didn’t cry enough already on Sunday, I cried during this movie, but laughed as well. When I left the theater parking garage, I stood at a red light to enter Sunset Blvd. Across the street where I was waiting for the light to turn green, the famous Laugh Factory had a couple of big names on the marques, like Dane Cook and Jamie Kennedy. I turned left on Sunset Blvd, in a little blue mood, feeling all down from the movie, but got nostalgic. I turned right on Laurel Canyon to go up to the hills, passing Hollywood Blvd. On top I turned right on Mulholland Drive, and drove this scenic, curvy road, looking down The Valley on the left, a beautiful view at night. Stopped by my friend briefly and drove back the same way I came over, crossing Melrose Ave, of which I live a couple of blocks south.
Driving down all these famous streets, I thought about all the movies made with the names of these streets in the title, or a movie with the title of the streets I drove on…the streets I drive on, walk on, all the time, every day. And that’s when I realized something… I live day in day out in a city where people only have heard off on TV through movies, music or TV shows. Hey, for 2 years I lived in Beverly Hills 90210…no really, my zip code was really 90210!
I get to live in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, every day, not just to live a dream, struggling to find that break through as an actor, no, I live here…this is my city, the city I’ve been living in for over 8 years now. And absolutely no regrets! It’s been good and bad times. Many struggles, many beautiful moments. Met some of the best people in the world and I’m proud to call them my friends. I started dating guys for the first time in my life, fell in love for the first time, turned 30, got my first car, my first apartment by myself, well…a small studio, but hey, in Hollywood! I had the most rewarding job in my life, working for The Shoah Foundation, came close to acting, at least worked on many sets, mostly TV, but on some of the most famous Studio lots, like Warner Brothers, Paramount & Universal.
It’s been a good run, a very good run…

But I still feel it’s time to move on…

Time for a change…



  1. I love LA. I worked with the Firesign Theatre there.

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