Posted by: dutchimport | December 27, 2008


I go to the movies quit frequently. I love going into the theater, watch the previews and then the movie on the big screen. Walking out after the end, and feeling all happy, confused, upset, just caring what you’ve seen with you for a while. Discussing the movie with the person you saw it with, agreeing or disagreeing (which what happened after seeing Doubt with Vanguard the other day)…I just love the movie experience.

UNLESS…it’s ruined by other moviegoers…siting next to me…to the left and to the right! I went to see Revolutionary Road yesterday (the 26th, day after Christmas, a 3pm showing at the Arclight Hollywood), and for some reason the guy of the couple next to me felt he had to explain everything to his girlfriend, but the worst thing…he liked playing this game…guessing what the character was about to say! I asked him 3 times to be quite. But wait…it gets worse…the Blackberry of the girl started vibrating. She took it out of her purse, and started answering by writing a long text or email, and of course the boyfriend quit loud felt he had to ask who it was, and telling her what she should write back. Again, I asked if she could stop doing this till after the movie! The couple to the left was less annoying. They just had the loud “Oh no” or “Why is he doing that to her!”…you know the kind, talking to the screen. I do that…at HOME, in the privacy of my HOME, watching a movie on TV or DVD, where I’m not RUDE and inconsiderate to other people who paid $14 to see a master piece of movie making by director Sam Mendes, two actors, Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio (and Michael Shannon in a great supporting role) in the performances of their careers! I did enjoy the movie and made a conscious decision not to let the my fellow selfish moviegoers destroy my experience. Oh, and then there was this older gentlemen a couple of rows in front who let his phone ring several times before standing up, answering, and having a conversation on the side of the theater!

My conclusion: around the Holidays, people who don’t go to the movies a lot, go to see something, and they have no clue of theater etiquette, common courtesy or consideration for other people. I love the Arclight, and am willing to pay a little more just because the comfortable chairs, distance between the row in front, which is lower too, and to have assigned seating so you can show up on time not having to look for a seat. But, the Arclight has an usher…he or she tells you something about the movie and asks to turn of all electronic devices, and as a courtesy to fellow moviegoers, refrain from talking during the movie! I really believe that this is less effected then those annoying on screen announcement to be silence and turn off phones (you know the Mann’s theater one, the animated one?). No matter how annoying, I think they work, cause people tend to look and be quite when the screen has something moving on it. They just don’t listen to a person in front of the screen, why would they, they need to talk to each other, cause you can’t do that before or after the movie, right! Imbeciles!!! Stay home, watch a movie on TV if you can’t keep your mouth shut, and have the courtesy or education or upbringing to have respect for other people!


Okay, now don’t go to far though and shoot someone who’s talking during the movie…



  1. Good thing for those assholes you don’t own a handgun:

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