Posted by: dutchimport | January 5, 2009


As the end of the Holiday break approaches, I can look back on an amazing, unexpectedly eventful Holiday Season!

I was not looking forward to Christmas. Last year I spend the Holidays back in The Netherlands with family and friends. The 3 years before that I was in a relationship. I had not been alone for the Holidays for a long time, and I was feeling it. This year I went to 1 Holiday party. I think that when you’re single, you just don’t get invited to many parties. Couples throw Holiday parties, and over the last several years, Fishering and I had too many parties we were able to attend. But not for me this year.

When the break finally arrived, I was so exhausted and stressed from work, I was completely fine with two weeks of doing nothing at all. Christmas Eve I was invited to spend with my roommate and her family in Newport Beach, and it was very nice. They also invited me to stay for Christmas Day, but I was looking forward to spending that day at home alone. In the evening I met up with Vanguard to see Doubt, which I thought was excellent. I spend much time on Friday and Saturday working on a short film I’m putting together, and I’m proud to say I finished the first draft. I saw Revolutionary Road, which is one of the best movies of the year for me.

Last week Sunday morning I was reading the newspaper and was having coffee when a friend called. A little unussual for her to call me on a Sunday morning, but of course it was nice talking to her. Then she came to the point. Long story short: her husband had to have very important documents to be delivered, first thing Monday morning to a office in New York. Four hours after she called I was on a plane headed for NYC! They gave me a hotel for the first night, close to the office, and right on Time Square. I decided to return to LA on Wednesday the 31st, and I could stay with my friend Danielle and her boyfriend Josh (and dog Shea) Monday and Tuesday night. After the drop off Monday morning I was free to wonder the streets of NY! I love NYC so much, I just couldn’t get the smile of my face for the entire time I was there. I went to the Guggenheim Museum, The Whitney, and the MOMA. Spend time with Danielle, and Josh, and went out both nights. I had the best time! Of course I had no money to go to NY, so I didn’t mind it was a short trip.

Wednesday early evening M@ picked me up from LAX and we got ready to go to our New Years Party, which was a lot of fun (taxi driver Jen was da bomb!). On January 1st I had dinner with my friend Miranda and her husband who just got back from a 3 month adventure in Qatar (she went there for work after she left the place I work at). My, the stories and topics we discussed still leave me in a shock!

Friday I went to work. It was very quite, there were like 3 people there, so I didn’t mind much Friday night I met up with a friend for drinks, uh, way to many drinks at Terroni’s. Why I had to do these Tequila shots I still don’t know. Because of the shorts, Saturday was pretty worthless, but I did go see The Reader, and honestly, I loved this movie! I cried so much, cause it brought back many stories I’ve heard listening to Holocaust survivors for 2 years. Kate deserves that Oscar! Oh, I did waste 3 hours of my Holiday break today watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button…a huge disappointment for me!

And now it’s Sunday evening. I’m about to meet up for a quick drink with some friends, and then it’s back to work tomorrow. What ever happens at work over the next couple of months, nothing or nobody can take away these fantastic two weeks! Oh, I did waste 3 hours of my Holiday break today watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button…a huge disappointment for me!

Here’s to a great start of 2009! Happy New Year everyone!



  1. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, hope 2009 will have only good twists and turns for you.

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