Posted by: dutchimport | January 18, 2009

World Wide Premiere!

My first finished short film! Shot, acted, edited and published by me, Jeroen!

Yes, I made some mistakes shooting in different modes, so I couldn’t get every shot the same size. I used a free software program, Windows Movie Maker…not that fancy.

And here’s the thing: when you make and edit your own movie for fun, and there’s no deadline…when are you done editing? There are always different effects and transitions to use, the font to pick for the end credit… When are you done?

Today I decided that this is it! No more tweaking, changing or anything! This is my movie, and it’s done!

The song, “Elephants Instrumental” by Rachael Yamagata, inspired me to make this film. A statement about the current situation I’m in…many people are in. I tried to tell a story, and I hope that comes across.

Please, ANY comments are appreciated. Let me know what you think! Good or bad, so I can improve as I continue to make movies.
And…if you liked it…please share on your blog…Facebook…or anywhere, so my movie gets seen;)

So, with no further ado…enjoy the movie!



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  2. Hi Jeroen, your short film is online at Tippin’ the Scales.
    Hope you still have your job at H.

  3. Loved it. That’s a great first movie. Will keep an eye out for more from you.

  4. I found your short film via Tippin’ the Scales (Peter) and I appreciate it very much. That you for taking the time and effort to make this poignant piece!

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  6. I saw your movie via Lemuel who got if from Peter. Very good and very valid. Great work.

  7. Beautiful (yet heartwrenching) work, Jeroen. 😐

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