Posted by: dutchimport | January 26, 2009

SAG Awards 2008

With the SAG Awards about to start in less then an hour, just a little update of what I saw this weekend.

Friday night I saw Man on Wire, a documentary, so nothing to do with the “acting” awards tonight. I did see The Visitor last night, and the movie touched me more then Richard Jenkins performance did. But he was still very good, and I can see him being rewarded by his fellow actors. The movie was a big surprise for me cause I didn’t know much about it, and as an immigrant myself, I felt maybe a little more for the story and the characters as others. Very emotional.

I’m not sure if Mickey Rourke will win tonight. Frank Langella and Richard Jenkins are very well respected among their peers, and…well…Mickey is just Mickey. I still wish Leonardo DiCaprio was in this list as well

On the woman’s side I hope Kate will sweep lead and supporting as she did at the Globes, Melissa Leo and Anne Hathaway have a big chance I think.

Supporting actor will be Heath Ledger…for sure!

I hope Slumdog Millionaire wins best cast. Milk has a good chance here to cause the cast is amazing!

I’m off to Trader Joe’s before the awards start!


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