Posted by: dutchimport | January 26, 2009

SAG Winners

I will update this tomorrow, because I was lucky enough to see the East Coast feed, and I don’t wanna spoil anything for the West Coast viewers, but wow…there were some surprises! For me at least!

So, really on the television side there are never really any shocking upsets…dull! Hugh Laurie again for “House”…please, give me a break (sorry Kat).
The two big surprises of the evening for me:
1) Meryl Streep, Best Actress: LOVE Meryl, love her acceptance speeches, liked Doubt a lot, but this performance should not have gotten her the Actor. Kate Winslet was my favorite, and most likely to win, but Melissa Leo or Anne Hathaway should have even won over Meryl (sorry, still haven’t seen Angelina’s performance).

2) Sean Penn, Best Actor: he was great in Milk, and deserved the nomination, maybe even the win. I would have prefered Mickey Rourke, but am happy with Sean. I just didn’t expect it. Richard Jenkins was great in “The Visitor”, so would not have mind either. Pretty much any of the four except for Brad Pitt…I just really did not like that movie!

Onwards to the Oscars!



  1. Kate should have won Best Actress.
    So Glad Penn won Best Actor.

    Oscar – Still mad that “Dark Knight” didnt get nominated for Best Picture, Leo for Best Actor, Kristin Scott Thomas & Sally Hawkins for Best Actress. Where is Clint Eastwood for Best Actor? What happened to “Gran Torino”, no love? Clint over Brad? so wrong!

    Original Song for Bruce Springsteen – the wrestler? SNUBBED. whats wrong with all these voters!

  2. For what it’s worth, I didn’t think that Hugh necessarily deserved it again this year. Jon Hamm was the one who I thought might get it and Michael C. Hall is apparently always the bridesmaid. But as a person and as a performer that I have a long-term investment in, I adore Hugh. I doubt there’s a more gentlemanly actor in Hollywood. 🙂

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