Posted by: dutchimport | February 11, 2009

ok, enough!

I’ve been quiet for long enough. I can’t just sit on my ass, and watch this insanity unfold in front of my eyes? For crying out loud, what country am I living in?!
8 People arrested? “The” bong confiscated, which was supposedly placed on Ebay for $100,000, 3 months suspension, and they are considering wether or not to press charges against him… A national scandal, a fallen hero…for what??!! Smokin’ some pot at the age 23? Give Michael Phelps a freakin’ break!!! He won 8 Gold medals at the Olympics…NEVER done before by an athelet! Has smoking a bong ever been done by anyone of his age? Uh, duh! Oh, but wait, this is America…don’t talk about drug use, teenagers having sex, drinking under the age of 21, nope, ssshht, if we don’t talk about it, just ignore it, then it’s not happening, right? Right! Oh nooooooo, a picture of the good ol’ Olympic Boy, the example for our youth…all over the newspapers and Internet…smoking a bong! Let’s hang him out to dry! Set an example to our youth! DON’T BE CAUGHT!
yes, I am from Amsterdam, and yes, most have smoked pot before the age of 15, drank before the age of 14, have sex before we can vote, and, hmmm, for some reason we don’t have the many issues with teenage pregnancies, alcohol abuse by minors, and what the f#ck does it matter if someone smokes a little pot once in a while!@@#$%#$#$@#$@#$@#$

Check out these pics! These are from 4 years ago or so in a club in Amsterdam…yeah, inside, lots of people around, just smoking away…

dancing yeah!

dancing yeah!

Smokin' away

Smokin' away

Go Michael!

Go Michael!

Go Michael Phelps! You rock! And fuck Kellogg!

Olympic Hero

Olympic Hero



  1. Micheal gave years of his life to become a Olympic medalist. I agree with Jeroen on the double morality of the US public [voice].

    Ofcourse we Dutch have our problems too but NOT in the way they are normal in the USA.

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