Posted by: dutchimport | February 17, 2009

All is done…

Not my car anymore...

Not my car anymore...

The car is not mine…officially that is. I’ve been without my car for almost 2 weeks I think, but now all the paperwork is filled out, so now the buyer and myself just have to mail the stuff.
I’m carless in LA. So far so good, but I am starting to notice the inconveniences of the limited transportation options I have now. Yesterday I thought I’d simply walk over to the nearest Trader Joe’s. Simple it was, but not as close by as things look while driving. And then having to really be aware of what you’re being so the walk back is not to unpleasant by the heavy bags. Luckily I have a TJ’s close to work where I can get my basic needs. I also have an awesome coworker who lives really close by, and likes my company (ha, figure that!), so she has been picking me up in the morning and driving me home after work.
One time last week she couldn’t drive me home, so I had to take the bus. The awesome thing is that there’s a bus that stops right in front my work, and only stops 3 times to get to my destination. Love those Express Buses! I could have taken another bus up to my place, cause it is still a long walk after bus 1 drops me off. That day I was lucky though cause I gotten a friend enthusiastic to have dinner at Terroni’s, and he was able to pick me up by the bus stop. So I went from the bus (you have to understand, people don’t really use the bus unless…well, you’re to poor to afford a car or buy gas) to my friends Porsche, and then to a nice trendy restaurant. I thought that was pretty funny…hmm, maybe not for you…

I already have such good friends who pick me up before going out drinking so I can drink as much as I want, but now I HAVE TO be picked up to get my partying going on! Drink as much as I want…yeah, that will be another post all together later today or tomorrow…



  1. You’re Dutch, what’s wrong with a bicycle? šŸ˜‰

  2. LOL; I have to agree with Peter on the bicycle thing. Although I’m one to talk – I can hardly ride one. Actually, I can’t. Let’s not go there…we like cars šŸ™‚

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