Posted by: dutchimport | March 18, 2009

Try to live life like today is your last day

The above thing is sooo hard to do, cause you get caught up in so many little day-to-day things that don’t matter much really.

A few hours ago, actress Natasha Richardson, died after a skiing accident yesterday. She felt fine at first, and was joking with the paramedics. 24 Hours later her family (husband Liam Neeson, mother Vanessa Redgrave, among others) took her off life support and she passed away.

Natasha Richardson

Natasha Richardson

Years ago, my roommates sister passed away the same way. While playing sports, she hurt her head, and a couple of days later, she was taken off life support.

Life can really be taken away from you within a second. These horrible accidents remind us of this, but still to really live life to the fullest as if every day could be your last…not easy to do. But I’m going to try, every day, enjoy moments with friends, family, or be more aware of just the small things that make me smile, laugh or cry.

To everyone I know out there who reads this: I love you, I really do!



  1. So right! We often forget this very important truth.

  2. She was good in the Parent Trap and a few others… RIP Natasha

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