About Me:

Sign: Scorpio
Hair: Dark Brown
Hair Style: Buzz Cut
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5″7
Sexuality: different, I go with the flow
Nationality: Dutch
Favorite city: Amsterdam
Place which I call home: Los Angeles



  1. Hi,
    I was looking for my gay dutch friend in LA and found this page. I can’t remember everything, I had some kind of amnesia (no grapje/joke) (and, noooo not from drugs or something familiar). So you might think, what the h… has that got to do with me?? But I think I know you (I’m psychic), no really I thought for a moment I recognized your “red” face. Okay now you must think I’m really stupid, so I’m very sorry for being wrong. Maybe you used to know me too. I’m very changed, so you will never recognize me (haha). This is already a very long story, so I should stop it. So wrong or not wrong, Isabel (crazy Spanish woman) from Rotterdam says HI! I remember our mariokart fights with lost of joy. Bay bay know. ( If you’re not the one I thought you we’re then again I’m so sorry, just delete this and please don’t spam me. (I’m changing e-mail provider within a month, so don’t bother)

    • Hi there. My name is Leslie and I am an executive producer on a Style network show called Dress my Nest. I saw some of your pictures on Queens day and I was wondering if you took them? If so, we would love to use one of them on the show. One of our cast members fell in love with the color orange after attending the queens day celebration so we would love a photo to show what this event is. If you are interested, I would just need you to sign a release saying it is okay to use the photo on the show. Please let me know. Thanks so much.

  2. Wow, I can’t believe you found me based on that picture. It’s must have been 10 years since we seen each other, right? That time during collegewas the only time I ever played video games, but anything to take us away from studying, right?! And being downstairs with you girls kept me away from old smelly Gerrit! Thanks again for letting me use your shower every day!

  3. Hey Jeroen:

    Ik vertrek volgende week naar Dallas, TX; ik ben aangenomen op een universiteit daar om mijn bachelors in Microbiology & History af te maken en door te gaan voor Medical School. Heb samen met m’n partner onze townhouse verkocht (well the final day will be June 5th), maar huis is ingepakt, etc.

    Ik had laatst lunch met Dan Yalovsky en Yelena; ik vroeg hoe het met je ging en vandaar deze e-mail, cool dat je een production company bent begonnen!!!

    mijn telefoon nummer is en blijft voorlopig (323) 445.8485. Ik hoop van je te horen.

  4. Hey maatje… coole nieuwe look&feel. Ziet er veel frisser uit, fijn! How goes it further?
    Liefs, Thur

  5. hee joen,

    even op side page terecht gekomen denk ik.
    moet je echt snel bellen. moet alleen ff telefoon checken, want laatste telefoon gesprek int kostte me bijna 200 E. KUT! naat gwen, maar toch. moet troch niet kunnen in deze tijd waar het goedkoper is naar jou te bellen dan nr mn ouders. maar voor ik dat weer uitprobeer eerst even checken/.
    ben benieuwd naar laatste nieuws. huis, waar, werk? etc. etc.
    tijd om te mailen?
    alvast dikke kus

  6. just found ur blog, love how you say: “Sexuality: different, I go with the flow.” If u don’t mind, I am going to use it. Ha, thank you!

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