Posted by: dutchimport | April 15, 2009

American Idol

I’m not going to apologize anymore, cause I just like this show…get over it! 🙂
This season got finally down to the final 7, and has some good talent among those 7. First of all: producers, GET IT RIGHT! Cut some of the other crap on the show (read: Ryan Seacrest) instead of all of the judges giving feedback after a performance! The show still ran long!
Last nights best performance for me was the adorable Kris Allen, with his version of one of my favorite movie songs “Falling Slowly” from “Once”. He doesn’t have the best vocals of the group, but Lil Rounds proves that great vocals does not guarantee good performances. I was a fan of Matt Giraud, especially after last weeks brilliant performance, but he’s not really consistent, and last night did not do well. He might be in danger going home tonight. Allison Iraheta…oh Allison…I love you! You have such an awesome voice and you know how to perform! And I will admit…Adam Lambert was not that bad last night, even though I don’t like his screaming…I’m just not a big fan, but he was okay last night. So, 7 left, and it’s time for some surprising votes and possible upsets! Final 3 tonight: Lil Rounds, Matt Giraud and…. Now it becomes tricky… who will join them in the bottom 3? Looking at results from past weeks, Allison does not have a huge fan group and has been there before, but I think it will be Anoop. Going home? Lil Rounds…
Btw, Kris really looks like Byron Flitsch!
Kris Allen



  1. Can’t believe they couldn’t fit seven singers and a couple clips into 1:02:00 (Fox gave them extra time they STILL couldn’t get it right!). Couldn’t agree more about Seacrest, what is the point of this show? Why are they so lax to start when they KNOW they’re going to get screwed at the end…

    Now all this mess with Simon and Paula leaving, I wouldn’t want to be a produce on AI right now…

  2. Agree with you, i heart Kris Allen. He is a true original talent and sounds amazing live, i dont mind seeing him in concert.

    True – this season has more talents than last season but last year’s AI was far more entertaining (imo) and had many moments such as “Imagine”, “Hello”, “Always be my baby”, “Smokey Mountain memories” and “Halellujah”.

    Im rooting for Kris, Adam, Allison to be in the top 3.

  3. Bryan, that sounds like a good Top 3, even though Adam is not my favorite, I know he will be in the Top 3. Allison deserves to be there, but I’m not sure if she can beat out Danny…

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